CCTV Snapshot Wall

CCTV Snapshot Wall web page is a useful tool to view a corridor at a glance. Users can check the road conditions before they head out. The cameras are organized by corridors and lined up sequentially.

How to use:

1.       This page is automatically updated every minute;

2.       User can view different corridor's cameras by selecting the corridor name from dropdown list;

3.       Click on the snapshot, a popup window will show the snapshot animation, as shown in the screenshot below. The snapshot will be updated every second.


         Some camera snapshot might show as "Image Not Available". Normally it will be back online within 10 minutes;

         This web page can be viewed on smart phones too. Just open the web browser on the smart phone and type in the address "". It has been tested on IPhone, Android phones, and Blackberries. Theoretically, it should be working on any smart phone web browsers.