CCTVs are the eyes of FAST TMC on the freeways and arterials. NDOT and FAST implement, maintain and operate freeway CCTVs to monitor the freeway traffic and incidents. The CCTVs for the freeways are spacing about 1/2 to 1 mile according to the freeway geometry and other consideration. FAST TMC operators can pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) the cameras to cover almost every corner of the urban freeways without any blind spots in Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.

The cameras are mainly used to:

1.       Monitor the freeway traffic;

2.       Find and locate the incidents, help 911 dispatchers and TMC to identify the severity of the incident; and then develop strategies to facilitate the traffic and incident clearance, such as sending out text and email messages, posting warning message on DMS, and adjusting ramp meter rate;

3.       Provide live feeds to the public through FAST Traffic Camera web page and to the media;

4.       Verify the DMS message are correctly posted on the sign;

5.       Monitor other ITS devices. For example, check whether ramp meter signals are operational at correct timing; verify the traffic speeds and counts from the sensors.