CCTV Snapshot Wall Animation

CCTV Snapshot Wall Animation web page is a useful tool to review the historical traffic condition of freeways, corridors or areas at a glance.

How to use:

1.       This page is loaded automatically with the past two hours snapshots, and plays the snapshots of every 5 minute. User may change the corridor from the dropdown list, or change the date and the time range;

2.       User can play/pause, stop, forward/backward frame by frame, adjust the animation speed, drag the slider to the specific time point using the VCR type tool bar.


         The camera snapshots are archived at 5-minute interval. Some cameras might show "Image Not Available" due to the camera malfunction or communication problem.

         These archived camera snapshots are avaiable from 4/25/2014. If you want to see more archived camera snapshots, please register to our web site. The incident related snapshots are achived at 15-second interval. These incident related snapshots are archived from September 2012;